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Changing the way devices are cleaned.

HÄNS is the first dual-sided, all-in-one cleaner for smartphones, tablets, touchscreens and anything else you can Swipe!

HÄNS removes the grime where germs and bacteria live and multiply.

But what is a HÄNS?

I'm glad you asked...

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Limited Color HÄNS Swipe
Limited Color HÄNS Swipe
Limited Color HÄNS Swipe

Limited Color HÄNS Swipe

Regular price $15.95
Our new limited color Black is the new Clean! 


Swipe. Flip. Swipe. Done. This HÄNS Swipe boasts epically easy cleans lasting hundreds of Swipes before needing a refill. 
There is a Cleaning Side and a Polishing Side; The Cleaning Side comes filled with HÄNS' All-Tech Cleaning Solution, our proprietary cleaner that was developed to work wonders on today's technology.
The Polishing Side has an antibacterial removable and rewrap-able microfiber cloth that is antimicrobial and safe for all screen types. 


What People Are Saying

"We've been using it (HÄNS) on a ton of devices that get covered in fingerprints and dust and have basically tossed away our old micro-fiber cloths." 

Huffington post review
Michael L. Berman -

"There is something extremely satisfying about swiping it across my screen, as though I’m moving sand in a miniature Zen garden ... I highly recommend it for touchscreen users who can't stand dirt and fingerprints covering their devices." 

iPhone life magazine review
Conner Carey - iphone

"Our usual method is the disposable screen wipes; these almost always create frustration in not ever getting that 'like-new' gloss to a screen. Not so with the Swipe-Clean; we posted a 100% satisfaction rate! I personally love this thing..." 

android guys review
Android Guys blog - Craig Hurda -
swipe cleaning side, step 1
swipe with polishing side, step 2
step 3, there is no step 3

HÄNS Cleans Anywhere You Are!

At the station ready for an adventure.

Keeping your POS clean between customers.

While taking a break, relaxing with some coffee.

In the car while safely parked.

iPhoneLife Magazine selected HÄNS Swipe to be included in their list of top tech gear of 2017! We're pretty proud of that!