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HÄNS Swipe
HÄNS Swipe
HÄNS Swipe
HÄNS Swipe

HÄNS Swipe

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swipe cleaning side, step 1
swipe with polishing side, step 2
step 3, there is no step 3

What People Are Saying

"We've been using it (HÄNS) on a ton of devices that get covered in fingerprints and dust and have basically tossed away our old micro-fiber cloths." 

Huffington post review
Michael L. Berman -

"There is something extremely satisfying about swiping it across my screen, as though I’m moving sand in a miniature Zen garden ... I highly recommend it for touchscreen users who can't stand dirt and fingerprints covering their devices." 

iPhone life magazine review
Conner Carey - iphone

"Our usual method is the disposable screen wipes; these almost always create frustration in not ever getting that 'like-new' gloss to a screen. Not so with the Swipe-Clean; we posted a 100% satisfaction rate! I personally love this thing..." 

android guys review
Android Guys blog - Craig Hurda -

HÄNS Cleans Anywhere You Are!

Keeping your POS clean between customers.

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