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★★★★★ "will buy more soon. -- LOVE"
★★★★★ "Great idea! -- This product works very well!! I have used it on my phone, tablet and computer screens. It is very simple to use. Just wipe in on and wipe it off. The polishing cloth is adjustable so you always have a clean area on the cloth. The cleaning solution seems to last for a good long time as long as you remember to put the cap back on as soon as you are done. Great idea! Am going to order one for my mother."
★★★★★ "Buy this now!! -- I love this product, works great. Does an amazing job cleaning vinyl records as well. Easy to use and very compact. It's one of those products you wish you would have invented"
★★★★★ "Omg this is the best. -- Saw a friend at working using this- she showed me and I had to have one. I wasn't disappointed. Gets all the gunk off my phone, iPad and computer screens- and kids kindles. Getting these for gifts this year. Awesome"
★★★★★ "Five Stars -- Best thing i have found to clean electronic devices"

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"I highly recommend the HÄNS Swipe all-in-one cleaning tool for everyone who owns a smartphone or tablet. Don't bring the gym bacteria to the dinner table with your smartphone. Wash your smartphone like you wash your hands." -
"There is something extremely satisfying about swiping it across my screen, as though I’m moving sand in a miniature Zen garden ... I highly recommend it for touchscreen users who can't stand dirt and fingerprints covering their devices." - Conner Carey - iphone
"We've been using it (HÄNS) on a ton of devices that get covered in fingerprints and dust and have basically tossed away our old micro-fiber cloths." - Michael L. Berman - 
"We have to say that this product works extremely well. I purposely smudged my Moto X with fingerprints and smears of my morning-snack banana. Bringing the screen back to a perfect sheen took just a few swipes each of the cleaning and polishing ends of the Swipe-Clean."

"Our usual method is the disposable screen wipes; these almost always create frustration in not ever getting that 'like-new' gloss to a screen. Not so with the Swipe-Clean; we posted a 100% satisfaction rate! I personally love this thing..." - Android Guys blog - Craig Hurda -
"I would go so far as to say anyone that owns any kind of touchscreen device should have one of these" [HÄNS] - Girly Girl
"Hardworking, practical, reliable, and high-quality" - Divas and Dorks Blog 
"If you use anything with a screen, you NEED HÄNS Swipe – Clean!"
"I thought that I was getting the screens on our iPhones, iPads, tablets, and eReaders clean - but boy was I wrong! When I used HÄNS Swipe-Clean the first time, it was like looking at brand new screens! Not only was the picture so much clearer, the devices performed better because there was no grime and grit between my fingers and the screen. It is one of the most handy devices I've come across lately; an absolute must for anybody that uses any devices with a screen." - Mama Fashionista Blog 
" cleans and polishes well on the first swipe! How many other products out there can claim the same?"- Dragyn Ally Blog 

"The cleaning job is effective at removing fingerprints & smudges & the refillable package is rated for 500 uses. Bottom line: Hans Swipe-Clean makes the combo of fluid & microfiber handy to tote." Newstips Review 4: Hans Swipe-Clean -  Newstips Bulletin (A monthly print publication)