Meet us

We created HÄNS because we searched for a really great way to clean our devices but didn't find it. 
Growing up, Scott always loved to keep things clean and tidy, especially his room.  
Beyond loving cleanliness, Scott loves filmmaking, cars, food, entrepreneurship, animals- including but not limited to french bulldogs, efficiency, painting and cleaning technology now that HÄNS exists.  

Older in age but younger in attitude, Jeff is a person that overdoes and jokes about pretty much everything he can.

He loves art, technology, space, food, dinosaurs, designing, brain science, 80's cartoons, learning, and cleaning technology now that they invented a wonderful way to do it.

HÄNS - Not just based in Southern California but actually made here! 

We work with a select handful of suppliers that help us create HÄNS. We value the trust and relationships we have built with our suppliers and we are proud that we have been working with many of the same people since our founding in 2013.